Tuesday, November 3, 2020

WORD From November 3, 2014

[[[ I found this "word" in a backup file. It had been placed on the "side" for just such a time as this. It is not for everyone but only those who desire to survive the spiritual apocalypse that is about to take place in "America" and elsewhere that will see it's full ramifications. It will be a hard word to swallow but I know I am to post it today publicly with no uncertainty. I did not design this or knowingly keep it. It just popped up in front of me this morning looking for something else. It was as though there was a delay in Heaven but now it is going to be released. - PDR November 3rd, 2020 ]]]


How ironic if not prophetic that on the very same grounds of the destruction (and perhaps a warning) of 9/11, on which was once later envisioned the building of a Tower dedicated to Freedom rising up out of the ruins, that a transition took place that brought about the building of the "One World Trade Center instead. There is a ring of symbolism in that which is somewhat discomforting.... 

There is no true freedom apart from Christ.

Jesus said something worth taking note of: "You cannot serve God and Mammon. You will either love the one and hate the other." [or visa versa] You CANNOT! That holds true for individuals and that holds true for nations and that holds true for church organizations as well. In this nation as a whole there has been a diminishing of reverence for God coupled with a growth of a certain psuedo religious reverance for God which has no true weight of glory at all. Both are a reflection of Hate for Him (Hate for Him as He really is.) 

At the same time on the other side of the scales of the reality of the level of spiritual control in this country, the Corporate Financial world has gained a foothold of power to an obvious level like has never quite been seen (and we are only allowed to see the surface.) There is a growing worship of and dependency on Mammon -above- all. There is a growing willingness to sacrifice any amount of conscience to gain and/or to maintain status with the god of Mammon. Especially when the threat of one's financial boat rocking takes place. The higher up one is, the more so it is true. The love of Mammon begins to possess the conscience until finally the conscience is seared with a hot iron. That can happen to men and nations of men. When the conscience is seared the hatred of all that is God-ordained is complete. Mammon's true nature can then come forward.

"Evil is withheld only until that which restrains it is taken out of the way."

What is known as the Church in America has never been truly severed from the influence of the power of Mammon, but that is about to happen. There is no true fire for the gold planted by God in us to be refined with. The conflict that is being set up between the people of God and the power of Mammon in this country will accomplish that. It will be a total and complete severance as the love and security of Mammon strains against God's restraints on one's conscience forcing a decision between one or the other. It will be a choice between the outward form of the Church upheld by flirting with the powers of Mammon to maintain outward appearance vs the demand of God for the inward purity of the Church. Many will fail this upcoming test of faith even in leadership.

I am seeing an old fashioned scale. I have been seeing it almost all night. On the one side is God's influence on the people of God and the people around them and the nation they live in (but are not in spiritual reality a part of.) On the other side is the influence of the power of Mammon and his influence on men and nations. The scale has always been kept at a balance up until now but because of the choices that have to be made soon, many will fall to the side of Mammon's power and influence. Those that are left on the side of the scale influenced by God and who remain so will not be able to counter-weight or restrain the side of the influence of Mammon any longer. The side under the control of Mammon will suddenly plunge downwards thrusting what remains in God up to a level never experienced before in this generation in this country. Mammon will not in reality have won a victory. He will only be used to sever the weight of what has been holding back God's will in His Church. His will is to sever the Church from earthly dependency and lift it up into new heights of heavenly dependency.

The Church (the called out, the chosen ones) will find it's place in Christ apart from national identity and dependency, and what is called "America" will be exposed for it's true nature: An entity of darkness and rebellion posing as an angel of light.

It's going to be a sobering 2-3 of years ahead of us. The axe is just about to be laid to the root of the tree of which we have wrongly trusted in...

Friday, May 3, 2019


(I can't seem to shake the deep sense of the need to post this. It is NOT what we in the USA, particularly believers in the Lord Jesus want to hear but it is what we need to hear.)

Back during the last election in the USA, I saw a picture of two gear wheels engaged with each other spinning together to crush anything in their way. Although I see it a something far more than political parties, there was a wrench thrown in between them that caused them to come to a grinding halt. I saw that God had allowed Trump (the totally unexpected outsider who won the Presidency) to be thrown into the gear works to hinder a vicious agenda that was prepared to take over in this country so that believers would have more time to prepare. That delay however would only be held in place only until the monkey wrench was "taken out of the way." That expression "taken out of the way" brought much sadness to my heart and pity for the man used as a monkey wrench. I don't know exactly what it means but it speaks of the great evil coming upon this nation and those who are faithful to Christ are standing in it's way. They're not going to allow a "repeat" of what happened in the last election that foiled their plans. I don't even recommend that we presume that either God or this agenda is working in such a way that we can bank timing on our election cycles either. We should never underestimate the desperation of the spirit behind all this. The Christian Body has largely squandered that time. It's just "church as usual" and basking in the deception of the moment.

When Trump got elected you could see the evil spirit behind all this by just how crazy the reactions were at the time. People were unable to hide what was driving them. They wanted him dead. They wanted the so called "Conservative Christian Right" dead. The present leadership and followers are touting "Make America Great Again" but the slogan of what is coming is "Never Again!" There is a huge part of the population of this country that are like a wild hornets's nest. Right now they have calmed down a bit but the slightest provocation and they will swarm like angry bees everywhere all at once attacking anything perceived as a threat to their "liberties" (sin) and an agenda that is bent on the destruction of the USA as a world power.

The big hidden "mystery" is that the Republican party is just as infiltrated by this evil spiritually as the Democratic party. That's the ace up the sleeve of this spiritual agenda, that hardly anybody in the Christian Body is expecting, that it is being held in reserve. Two wings of the same vulture and guess who made it all possible... The Christian "Moral Majority."

But the monkey wrench between the gears is not just a man any more. It is the economy that is thriving. In order for this agenda to pull off what it has planned, economic stability and confidence is also now standing in the way, especially in the cities. This agenda needs chaos and fear to bring people into cooperation then subjection to itself. Nothing brings a man into subjection and willingness to overlook obvious improprieties that he would normally resist and object to than economic instability. Unfortunately, that is also where the heart of most American Christians are at today.

Human nature is very predictable. When they feel fear, they just like animals either succumb to a flight response or a fight response. Either response falls right into the hands of this sordid agenda. Our only true course is to surrender our lives and wills to Christ more than we ever have before. Don't wait for these events to happen. God wants us to be prepared in our hearts in advance. The vulture is hovering, waiting. It knows it's only a matter of time...

May God have mercy on us all!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


"What is the way forward?" Over the last few years, I have heard that question asked many times. Some "ask" it in an attempt to avoid dealing with the spiritual reality of what God is doing in HIS Church and some ask it in all honesty because they have a certain sense that life in the Body of Christ is not going to be "business as usual" any more. They really do want to know because it is a question in their hearts.

That is a valid consideration when considering that what God may very well be doing in our midst is stripping down to it's bare essentials what we are accustomed to "knowing as church" but the real question is "What is God saying?"

We are living in a "day of preparation" for a move of God where Jesus takes His rightful place of exclusive preeminence in His Body, the Church (not an organization but the assembly of the saints on earth). We want to know the way forward but God want's us to prepare for the journey by stripping us down to the bare essentials that we will be able to carry with us on this path. He isn't, in many respects, giving us much information on where we are heading much like the children of Israel we only told that they were heading towards the promised land without a map of where they were physically going.

Surely the Israelites wondered about the same question "What is the way forward" but what God gave them instead of a road map was a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day to guide them in the way to where He was taking them. (being representative of Christ)

We want to know by our natures all the details before we embark on such a journey.

Jesus, when some asked Him where He lived, didn't give the men the address of where He was living. He merely responded to them, "Come and see." That set a right relationship between He and those men in that the only way they would find out where He was living was to "follow Him."

All over the scripture it is plain as day and so simple that a child can apprehend. "Follow Me."

Christ is the road map for us and has always been but we, in our insistence of being in control and our rebellion against that dependency upon the preeminence of Christ have always sought to know more than we needed to know in any particular day so we built roads to where we "thought" Christ should be heading rather than being satisfied with His daily directions and provision via the Holy Spirit.

Christ is our ONLY reality in this journey and there is no doubt that He is stripping down what is known as His Church to it's bare essentials leaving us with only one option. "To let Him lead us."

The reality of the answer to the question is "Today, if you hear my voice, follow Me..."

In many respects we have "been going around this mountain long enough." What is that mountain? The same thing it was to the Israelites that had been going around that mountain in the wilderness for so many years that they just -presumed- that they would do the same thing the next day as well.

It is would be fruitless to know the details of the way forward if we have not heard deep in our hearts the reality of the fact that we will be leaving what we are comfortable with behind.

When that reality hits the depth of our hearts, that there will be no turning back without God's displeasure and no other way forward apart from Christ, that reality will drive us into deeper communion with Christ than we have ever been in.

That is the way forward.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The "Papal Root"

There is an expression rumbling around in my spirit the last few weeks that I have never heard... "The Papal Root."

There are so many traditions, understandings and practices of even the modern day "church" that are rooted in essence to Rome. Over the last 40 years I have seen men of God and various groups attempt to remove those false traditions, understandings and practices and seem to succeed for a while only to see that a few years later those things have reappeared and established themselves - even in their own lives. They do not die easily. To me it has always been a mystery.

There is a plant here called "Blackberry Bush" and from just one plant an entire acre can eventually be filled with it. It grows prolifically to about 4 feet tall and branches out everywhere through it's root system - so thick that no one can pass through it. The branches have huge thorns and if one tries to pass through it the thorns catch onto the garment and soon the person cannot move away from it. They are trapped. They have to call for help for others to try and carefully remove the branches that have trapped them.

The other thing about the Blackberry root is that even if all the vine branches are cut to the ground and seemingly the plant is pulled up by the roots, the root goes so deep that it breaks off leaving a part of the root deep in the ground. Soon the Blackberry root is sprouting shoots and begins to take over the entire area again.

The only known way to permanently kill the Blackberry bush is to kill the root. But what exactly is the "root"?

The Papal root is the lie that a singular man has been appointed by God to rule over the Church as his sole authority and emmisary. It is the child of the fallen Church at Rome committing fornication with the "kings of the earth." The result was the Papal root - an Emperor (or sole authority) clothed in religious garments - a religious Empire. That root has branched out and, even though it has taken on different names and identities, that concept has elevated itself in almost all of what is known as "Christianity" till today.

The concept of a "singular pastor" in today's church follows it's lineage back to that "Papal root." There is nothing in the New Testament that remotely upholds that concept. The early church appointed elders (or more accurately recognized in the Holy Spirit those that were indeed elders in the faith.) Some of them had pastoral gifts. It was not a heirarchy of authority with one person at the top over all. It was all about common servanthood to the other believers with the resurrected Christ as the sole authority.

Now a little advice here for those who find themselves in the position above. Years ago working on an old house, I went around between the bushes and the back of the garage with my back to the bushes started working on something. Suddenly when I tried to move I realized that one of the branches of the bushes thorns had embedded in the back of my jacket. The more I turned and stretched to free myself the more other branches' thorns began to cling to me. I was soon completely unable to turn in any direction or to free myself. I was stuck! I had to wait and pray that another worker would come back to the jobsite to help me carefully get free. It was over an hour till someone came and helped me. The lesson in that is that if you are entangled in the blackberry branches, be very careful how you attempt to untangle yourself and if at all possible, get help from others you trust not to get entangled themselves.

ps the fruit of the Blackberry bush is very tasty and sweet despite the fact that it is a very agressive.... WEED.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Knit Together By The Holy Spirit

I DON'T WRITE THIS AS ONE WHO HAS APPREHENDED BUT RATHER AS ONE WHO HAS GLIMPSED IT FROM AFAR. The bright and morning star rising on the horizon heralding the return of the the Messiah....

The Church is the sum total of all believers knit together by the Holy Spirit's indwelling power and leadership and locally ALL those who believe (are found living in Christ). One of the key facets to the nature of the Church especially in a given locality is the nature of Jesus Himself - that they are all ONE.

There are not many independently run churches" in a given locality. That is heresy akin to taking a butcher knife and cutting up the Body of the Lord Jesus into pieces and we should rightfully fear God to attempt that or maintain it.

What is "known" as various "churches" today in most places are by their very nature divided from the whole and that is contrary to the very nature of God Himself. When one "comes out" of that system of endlessly dividing and idependently identifying "churches" one does not "come out" from fellowship with believers in the locality. One comes out into the glorious freedom that is in Christ Jesus to intereact with ALL other believers in the Holy Spirit without the obstruction of a system that is competing with Christ for our loyalty and ultimately is designed to bring people into loyalty to their particular so called "church" image. To bow down to the false image of "church" as most people understand it because they have been taught that from day one.

That is not the doctrine of Christ that was taught "in the beginning." That is the doctrine of the Tower of Babel where God himself divided them because gathered together they would have built a man-made tower to "heaven."

That is not to say that God hasn't used the organizational structures that most of us are familiar with but to recognize that "we see in part and know in part..." therefore everything that is expressed as understanding is taught based on the fact that our understandings are as yet incomplete.

We should ALWAYS remain in a position of humility in recognizing that Truth. We have not arrived yet at the greater perfection that will be apparent at the revelation or 2nd coming of the Lord Jesus for HIS Bride who will be found without spot or blemish.

The problem with the current system of independent "churches" (which are "denominations" in the making) in the locality and the world as opposed to the Church which Jesus is building upon the Bedrock of the revelation of HImself is that when "churches" are formed under the current system of independence there is a great tendency to be closed off from others outside their particular gathering from being used by the Holy Spirit to bring correction and needed revelation of the Word that is missing. The result of that is that there is a mix of Truth and error in EVERY gathering so organized.

In God's design for HIS Church the believers are together and hold all things in common, no man having anything he calls his own. "We being many are ONE." God's Church is not an organization of organizations. It is a singular organism wherein every cell has a purpose and function to uphold the life of the organism. That is true in the locality and that is true worldwide.

I want to encourage us all today to seek God's wisdom on where we are presently at in our local communities and consider this one thing: Are we connected to other believers in the locality just as much as we may be to those of "our" particular gathering. It's time to walk across the street in our neighborhoods and give glory to GOD with our bretheren who may in fact be bretheren of the Lord Jesus the Messiah. And perhaps to prayerfully ask God why in so many cases and situations that love of the bretheren today in our lives does not functionally extend past the manmade walls of the organization we identify with.

Although I do not personally subscribe to the "law" of the Sabbath, being that it is the scriptural Sabbath may we submit ourselves to God's Spirit and "cease from our OWN works" (the religious works of man) and enter into the finished work of the cross towards our bretheren.

Someone once said that in order to sail on the ocean to previously unknown worlds we have to be willing (have the faith) to lose sight of the land that we came from.

In reponse to someone's comment elsewhere:

The question then arises, "Are the local assemblies accountable to EACH OTHER? Do they submit their doctrines to one another? Are they like the apostles who for a long time met daily in the temple and in homes being in ONE mind and accord? When was the last time the elders in Hilo got together to fast and pray together and share what the Holy Spirit was revealing? Do they feel comfortable confessing their sins and weaknesses to one another? Bearing in mind that no one man has a corner on the whole Truth do they invite each other into the "pulpit to share" a particular understanding in the word or a direct word from the Lord? Is there free flowing Holy Spirit led fellowship in local neighborhoods for "members" of various gatherings to gather in their homes and edify one another based soley upon their identification with Christ regardless of the various gatherings they attend to? Is that a Spiritually natural way of life?

It seems to me that the very same guidlines that apply to "church" operation and function also apply to the Church function in the locality (and the whole world if possible). But the most important thing to remember is that none of those guidlines are valid apart from from the teachings of Christ or the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

We have been so "taught" that this independence from each other is normal and acceptable that we can no more see a true unity of the Spirit functionally than we can see ourselves handing over our bank accounts to each other by faith that works by deep love for one another.

It is true that God will use incredibly imperfect situations to take care of His children but it is not always true that He is smiling when doing it.

"Father, I would that they may be one EVEN AS You and I are one."
(Can we even imagine the depth of that prayer.)

I am wondering. How close do you think Jesus and the Father were at that moment of decision? I tend to pay very close attention to a dying man's request. It is most often the closest thing to their heart.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Yesterday thousands upon thousands of birds flew in V-formations going south. There was almost a constant stream of them all day. They know that something is coming and their survival instincts tell them to flee from it to a place of safety. They know that Winter is coming.

We recognize the signs of natural times and seasons yet we fail to discern when signs are placed right in front of our eyes that the "season" we have lived in for decades is about to change. Why is it that we can understand the drastic changes that go on between summer and winter and yet cannot comprehend that our lives and the society we live in can undergo just as drastic a change.

We are in the "FALL" (or transition period) right now. The once pretty leaves of the trees that gave shelter and protection to the biirds are now dying and falling off leaving the tree trunks bare and naked (and hopefully ashamed). Winter is coming... we should not be spending time lamenting the bareness of the trees. We should especially not be spending time getting caught up in admiring the changes in the colors of the leaves before they die. We should be trusting our spiritual instincts and begin to send out the call, getting into formations and fleeing to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He alone has all the answers for the times we are living in.

If you don't know Jesus, now is a good time to get alone and pray to the Living God for mercy and unearned favor to change the direction of your heart. God has given us His all in His Son Jesus but we have to reach out to Him in faith and accept all He has for us.

Monday, October 10, 2016


4 decades of the "Moral Majority" era merged with a political party and this is what it has come to? 
"You looked for much but it came to nothing. Why says the Lord of hosts? Because I did blow on it."
But the Lord is offended by our political "righteousness." Why is it that we can rally around a political party giving undeserved honor to that entity for 40 years but have not given honor to God in allowing Him to form His true and undivided nature and identity in the hearts of His Body the Church in this nation. In 40 years the Body of Christ could have had the glory of God resting on it but instead we chose to unify under the banner of politics. We traded the Kingdom of God for influence with a kingdom of this world instead. The power of God for political power.
Jesus prayed a significant prayer before he went to the cross. 
"Father, I would that they would be ONE even as You and I are ONE." 
I can remember when that was a hallmark of the Holy Spirit's work during the Jesus movement. Everything was about Jesus and it didn't matter where you went to "church" because "wherever two or three of you are gathered IN MY NAME there I am in the midst of you." THAT was the Church.
But the Church in America chose instead like the apostate church at Rome to invest in political power for the security and honor of the flesh. We traded a move of God for a political move.
We've been going around this political mountain long enough (40 years). It's time to leave the wilderness of political sin and follow Jesus to the promised land where He alone gets the honor of. His people and we shall be ONE in His hand. That is the call of the day. To turn from our wilderness of political sin and follow Him to a land truly filled with milk and honey. To repent of (to recognize and turn away from) our corporate political sin and idolatry and follow the ONE we were called to follow in the beginning but have all but forsaken.
But will we be like the rich young ruler who was invited to follow Jesus but because of his great investment in this world turned and walked away? OR will we forsake the wilderness and the mountain we have become so familiar with and identify with and follow Jesus into the promised land?
Oh Precious Lord! Have mercy on us! We have sinned against you and we don't even know it!

Enter the Kingdom of God